These Unicorn Macarons Are Absolute Trend for 2017!

It’s our favorite emoji, and from beauty trends to cookies to freak shakes, this year is totally the year of sweet, magical unicorns!

The unicorn macarons are the creation of Mac Lab Bakery (Duluth, Georgia).  And in addition to the delicious macaron taste (each unicorn mac is Fruity Pebble flavored), the sweets are clearly a nod to the rare mystical creatures, complete with a horn and ears protruding from the conventionally round shape of the pastry, painted unicorn eyelashes, and a vibrant flower crown.

These macarons 1st made their Instagram debut about one month ago when the bakery invented the designs.

You will simply fall in love with these sweet unicorn creations! Your Food Tubers made the following list of the best made magical macarons that you can buy from the bakery or just roll up your sleeves and start making them in your kitchen  🙂

Unicorn Macarons

amazing Unicorn Macarons

Beautiful Unicorn Macarons

best rainbow Unicorn Macarons

cutest Unicorn Macarons

Cute Unicorn Macarons

many unicorns Unicorn Macarons

pink Unicorn Macarons

rainbow Unicorn Macarons

smiley Unicorn Macarons

ultra violet Unicorn Macarons

violet deer Unicorn Macarons

violet Unicorn Macarons

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