Lemon Tiramisu (Tiramisù al Limone) – Italian Recipe

Lemons are perhaps my favorite fruit for making desserts, right after the berry family. Plus, the smell of a lemon always reminds me on my nonna Angela when she was expecting her cousin Alberto to bring a full basket of lemons from Sorrento. She was making delicious lemon cakes and of course, homemade Limoncello was always on her priority list.

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Lemon Tiramisu

Servings 8 to 10


  • 2 lemons (the juice and zest)
  • 4 tablespoons white rum or 4 tablespoons brandy
  • 4 ounces caster sugar, divided
  • 1 (9 ounce) package savoiardi/ ladyfingers/ sponge cake fingers
  • 2 (9 ounces) containers mascarpone cheese
  • 4 -5 tablespoons lemon curd
  • 2 large eggs, separated
  • 150 ml cream

For topping:

  • Zest of 1 lemon, finely grated
  • Some demerara sugar (optional)



  • Combine together the lemon juice, white rum/brandy, and 2 oz. of the sugar in a bowl. Leave aside so the sugar has time to dissolve.
  • Meanwhile, get ready a 9-inch springform pan and line the bottom with parchment paper.
  • In another bowl, whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks, start on a slow, gradually on a higher speed.
  • Beat the cream also to a soft peak.
  • Whisk together the remaining sugar, eggs yolks, lemon curd, mascarpone, and the lemon zest.
  • Next, fold the cream into the mascarpone mixture, followed by the egg whites using a spoon.
  • Stir the brandy/lemon mix and dip the fingers in, line the bottom of the dish with them, sprinkle some extra liquid over the biscuits, you will usually have enough.
  • Spoon ½ of the mascarpone mix over the biscuits, dip remaining ladyfingers and place on the top, sprinkle again with lemon-brandy juice if you have some left, followed by the rest of the mascarpone.
  • Level the top using a palette knife. Then, cover and refrigerate them for about 6-7 hours (or preferably overnight).
  • Finally, if using, sprinkle the sugar/lemon mix over the top, remove from the tin (if needed run a knife around the rim) put on a serving plate, cut into wedges and serve.

Buon Appetito!
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